Neena has always loved books; the marvellous tales they tell; the colourful characters she gets to talk to; the magical places they take her. As a young child, she was as much drawn to reading stories as writing them. As a die-hard book addict, she had this particular affection for words; she loved the way they shape a sentence, a paragraph, a story. And that was the reason she wrote – what could be more beautiful than looking at her own creation of different words on a page? During her growing up and adult years, although, the writer inside her stayed dormant, the reader never quitted. she read extensively, hungrily, and like a maniac.

After her children started school full time, she knew she had to write a story once again.

Once she started her novel “Tied to Deceit”, a literary mystery (a police procedural) set in 1970’s India, there was no going back. One and half year later, she completed Tied to Deceit.

As much as Neena loved writing Tied to Deceit, it was an exhilarating process. There were times when she wanted to take a break from writing and go back to her first love “Reading for pleasure”. But she realised she just couldn’t stop writing. Writing had become a habit. A compulsion. An addiction. That’s how “My Honour Killing and Other Poems of Love and Life”, her soon to be published poetry book happened.

She has recently published her poetry collection “YOU left me, sweets, two legacies-FAMOUS LOVE POEMS”, under her pen name Avira N. The book is published under Classic Books imprint.

A collection of sixty-one love poems of the most influential poets like Emily Dickinson, Christina Rossetti, E E Cummings, Sara Teasdale, Amy Lowell, Robert Browning, John Clare, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, YOU left me, sweets, is available as paperback and kindle edition/ Epub format on Amazon, Kobo, Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble, Indigo Chapters, Scribd, 24 Symbols and other major online retailers all across the world.


YOU left me, sweets, two legacies



Neena lives in Edmonton, Canada with her husband and is a full-time mom to her two children and a daring German shepherd. She loves books, sunshine, tea, dogs, clean house, staying at home, and daydreaming.